S2E6 -The History of Card Games—Let's Deal 'Em!

With Special Guest Toby Cook

2 years ago

Which came first, Tarot cards or playing cards? Well, we'll answer that today as well as discuss our favourite card games growing up. This week, streamer and talented musician, Toby Cook (aka TheBubblegumBopper), joins me to talk about card games!

Time to shuffle and place your bets 🃏

About the Guest

Toby Cook, AKA The Bubblegum Bopper, is a streamer and musician from the UK. He has been involved in numerous creative projects over the last ten years. From touring with his folk-punk band Brackenthorn to hosting a film podcast, and even pretending to drown in a Royal Lifeboats advert (whilst working in Film Sound). He now runs a Twitch gaming channel and has recently brought out a new solo album Midnight Troubadour.

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